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February 5, 2017


Getting Innovative Ways Of Handling Rising Cost Of House Construction In Nigeria

That Nigeria is in the grip of its most severe economical crisis in many years is no longer doubtful. A blend  of essential oil price fall at international market, devaluation of the Naira and rising pumpinghave cast a cloud of uncertainty in the country's economy.

When ever confronted with present fact, many investors and individuals have adopted what has been tagged 'watch, wait around and see' attitude to investments, particularly in the housing sector.

The paradox of the situation is that despite the difficulties in the economy, the nation's economy, the country's population keeps growing, rising the housing deficit which had long been chosen over 17 million.

Sadly, the cost cement, a basic piece construction material in building of families was just lately increased can be forty-four percent in Nigeria.

Stakeholders have expressed concern over the sharp increase in the retail price of cement, saying that it would compound the casing deficit in the country, if not checked.


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