CivilSoft offers wide variety of service accross different industries from IT to Contruction and Designd


Civilsoft's team of architects are devoted to providing creative architectural and interior designd with focus on aesthetics, efficient facility and space planning, keeping in mind the project's objective, environment and budjet.

Interior Design

Our interior designers provide creative and technical solutions to achieve a unique siren internal building space. The interior space is made more functional, tailored with life style and culture of the occupant in order to improve overall quality of the built space.

Project Management

As client's representatives we ensure strict monitoring and evaluation of the entire project. We focus on project's objectives in order to archive on time, world class quality throught managing projects' resources efficiently to ensure cost effectiveness and ensuring safety standard within project location and duration.


We partake in construction services of both small and large scale industrial buildings using state of the art resources we have at our disposal. Our goal is to always implement entirely new designs that will give our clients ease of mind.

Computer Based Information Technology

We develop and design computer softwares and database applications that can be used in many organizations, schools and government institutions. Our engineering team are always developing new products that aid several communities.

Supply Hospital Bio Equipments

We have access to some of the best manufacturers of medical equipments from advance devices that aid in medicine all the way to useful tool used in precedures. We supply these equipments to any interest individual or organization.

Our Advantages

Our company has several benefits on why you should work with us.


Great Team

Our team are experienced in their field and they understand the value of every client which ensure they work together to fulfill their needs.


Quality Service

The services we render are profound and meet the standard of the context in which they are executed.


Outstanding Support & After Sale Service

We listen to the concerns of our customers and also address these concerns in other to improve on the value delivery system.